Facebook Boasts Put Houston Bank Robbers In Jail

Houston bank robbers boasted about their $62,000 take on Facebook.

Houston police have arrested three men and a woman who’d robbed a bank of $62,000. The key factor that contributed to them getting caught? Their Facebook bragging.

The news comes just a few days after the Federal Bureau of Investigation nabbed a bank robber in Detroit whose Facebook photos showed him wearing the same clothes he had on in the video footage captured by surveillance cameras. But that mistake isn’t brazen like the social media postings of the Houston robbers.

“IM RICH,” said one of the Houston suspects’ Facebook page, following the robbery, according to Federal investigators’ conversations with Associated Press.

Another suspect posted: “WIPE MY TEETH WITH HUNDREDS.”

Perhaps the most surprising detail here is that those Facebook postings belong to the two unlikeliest suspects out of the four: bank employees. Why would you want to call attention to yourself if the bank you work at is surely about to be all over the local news, and you’re involved in the robbery?

The four suspects are accused of robbing the International Bank of Commerce in Houston, on March 23 of this year Although no one was injured, the robbers managed to flee with over $62,000. Surveillance cameras caught them on tape, and then an anonymous tip alerted the police about the Facebook postings.

Local news outlet KHOU reported that, two days before the robbery, one of the bank employees wrote on her Facebook wall: “GET $$(,.”

The day after the incident, her boyfriend and fellow bank employee wrote: “WOKE UP DIS MORNING! BUST DOWN A SWISHA!!! LOOK IN THE MIRROR LIKE I’M ONE RICH … WIPE MY TEETH WITH HUNDREDS WIPE MY ASS WITH DIS 50s :$:$:$:$:$:$.”

It should be said, however, that the girl is 19 years old, while her boyfriend is 18. It was the girl who ended up admitting that she and her boyfriend were involved in the robbery. She also identified the other two suspects.

Readers, what do you think drove these people to brag about their crime on Facebook?