Facebook brings Promoted Posts to mobile, tests audience options on desktop

Facebook has brought its Promoted Posts feature for pages to its mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as m.facebook.com. At the same time, the company has begun testing different targeting options for page owners using the desktop version, in some ways limiting the control people have over their ads.

Previously, Promoted Posts could be created through the Pages Manager mobile app, but not from the main application or mobile site. Now, however a user accesses their page, they’ll have a way to easily increase the reach of their posts.

On desktop, some page owners are finding that Facebook has changed who they can target Promoted Posts to. Earlier this month some page owners lost the ability to promote their posts only to current fans. The post has to reach both fans and friends of fans. Some page owners might be frustrated by this since they may want to ensure their message is only being seen by the most relevant audience. However, these page owners can still use the main self-serve ads tool to create more targeted ads to fans only if they want.

Other page owners recently gained a new option to reach anyone on Facebook, even if they aren’t connected to the page directly or through a friend. This is helpful for smaller pages that want to extend their message to new potential fans they weren’t previously able to reach with Promoted Posts. Page owners who do not yet have this option with Promoted Posts can instead use the main self-serve ad tool to run page post ads to a broader audience.

Both of these still seem to be in testing, as Facebook’s Help Center still says that page owners can run Promoted Posts to fans or fans and their friends.

Desktop Promoted Post screenshots from Jon Loomer and Facebook’s Help Center.

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