Facebook Developer Buddy Media Buys Brighter Option

Leading Facebook developer Buddy Media has acquired the London-based Facebook advertising developer Brighter Option.

Leading Facebook developer Buddy Media has acquired the London-based Facebook advertising developer Brighter Option.

Buddy Media had studied 20 possible ad development outfits for a possible acquisition and chose Brighter Option, whose ad management software saw 92.5 billion page views on behalf of 291 advertisers in 42 countries.

In a related announcement today, Buddy Media signed a deal with 24/7 Real Media, WPP’s marketing technology company, to use Brighter Option’s social ad management software to power Facebook ads for its clients worldwide. Additional partners will be announced shortly.

The acquiring company’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Lazerow said in a blog post today:

Our acquisition of Facebook Ads API partner Brighter Option, and integrating their social ad management software product into the Buddy Media suite, will ensure that our customers’ social marketing dollars work harder and smarter. Engagement data from advertisers’ Facebook Page posts made via Buddy Media can now be used to power social ads. Smart publishing will lead to smarter and more effective advertising, which will in turn lead to larger owned media channels. It’s a virtuous cycle of increasing returns.

With a full integration of the Facebook Insights API, Buddy Media can now help advertisers make data-driven decisions by highlighting the most compelling content and ensuring campaigns run with content and placement that’s most likely to be engaging for users.

The ease and speed in which Facebook ads can be generated, uploaded and managed via Brighter Option’s social ad management software saves both time and money for brands and agencies.

Out of the gate, Buddy Media software now enables everything that our clients need to do on the Facebook Page platform, as well as all their Facebook ads needs. We support today all Facebook ad formats, including the new Page post ad units available only via the API. By showing complete Page post engagement metrics, our clients get more context than any other ad management solution and even Facebook’s own tools.

I have long been a fan of the Brighter Option team. We’ve been working together for more than a year informally and I have developed a deep respect for the technology and sincere admiration for the team. Ultimately, the addition of the Brighter Option technology to the Buddy Media software suite was a no brainer. As part of the deal, Brighter Option’s entire team will join Buddy Media full-time, increasing our London office to about 30 people.

The Brighter Option team understands the power of people-fueled advertising. Founder and CEO Peter Goodman is a three-time entrepreneur with an impressive track record of building world-class businesses, and we expect Peter to play a pivotal role in building out Buddy Media’s presence globally. His co-founder and CTO Andrew Craven has deep experience as bid-management system developer in addition to architecting Brighter Option’s social ad platform. We look forward to adding Andrew to Buddy Media’s senior product team.

Buddy is girding itself for a social advertising market expected to reach $8 billion in 2012 and $10 billion in 2013, with Facebook expected to account for up to one third of the action.

Like Brighter Option‘s Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Peter Goodman, said:

Joining forces with Buddy Media will enable us to provide a comprehensive social marketing software suite unlike anything available on the market. Brands and agencies simply cannot have their advertising teams and community management teams working in silos. Now, for the first time, they won’t have to.

Meanwhile, this is Buddy Media’s second acquisition in the past year, as the company bought Spinback in May of 2011.

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