Facebook ‘Like’ Button Turns 1

It's a happy birthday for the Facebook feature

When Facebook first launched its 'Like' button, no one was entirely sure how the feature would work. Would it fade to the background like the 'Poke' button? One year later, the Like button has proven its staying power, becoming just as ubiquitous on Facebook as it has on the Internet as a whole. Facebook says more than 10,000 websites add the Like button to their platforms everyday.

With more than 2.5 million websites featuring the Like button and a profitability reportedly higher than a tweet, the simple one-click feature has ensured that it will be around for many more birthdays to come. But not without company.

After watching Like's continued success, Google introduced its own version of liking something, +1, which it markets as "a public stamp of approval." However, Google's weak point has always been in the social realm. +1 has yet to receive the same enthusiasm in adoption that Like did when it launched. For now, the Like button can celebrate a successful year alone at the top.