Facebook Calls All Hands Meeting On Privacy

Facing increasing pressure from the media and users, Facebook has called an all hands meeting tomorrow afternoon, at 4 PM Pacific, to discuss the company’s overall privacy strategy according to sources inside the company. Facebook has come under increasing scrutiny for a number of reasons and many were left with a sour taste in their mouth following a New York Times reader Q&A with Elliot Schrage, the company’s Vice President for Public Policy.

While it’s unknown what Facebook will announce during the meeting, it’s pretty obvious that changes will need to be made if Facebook is going to regain users’ trust. The most likely change will come in the form of a temporary removal of the “Instant Personalization” service, or at the least, a shift to “opt-in”, something many privacy advocates have been calling for.

Even with the criticism surrounding Facebook’s “Instant Personalization”, many privacy advocates want further changes involved with Facebook’s new social plugins, as many of them function when a user isn’t logged in and there’s no way for a user to opt-out from having their data being tracked. While we have our own opinion as to what changes Facebook should make, it’s clear that Facebook is feeling the pressure and thus the reason for holding tomorrow’s meeting.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the story unfolds.

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