Facebook careers: global brand design, executive speechwriter, sales ops and more

Facebook added 14 new positions to its careers page this week, including a number of openings on the sales operations, marketing and sales teams.

One interesting role is for a Head of Global Brand Design to “invent and build world-class, socially designed marketing products, platforms and programs that our top partners invest behind to transform their business.” Facebook’s Global Head of Brand Design is Paul Adams, who joined the company from Google in 2011. Adams’s ideas were influential in Google’s approach with Circles in Google+. Now he works on brand campaigns and does a lot of speaking on behalf of Facebook. It’s unclear whether he is looking to leave Facebook or move to a different role.

New listings added to Facebook’s careers page:

  • Platform Stability Engineer (Menlo Park)
  • Sales Operations Analyst, Menlo Park (Menlo Park)
  • Sales Operations Analyst, NYC (New York)
  • Merchant Operations Analyst (Menlo Park)
  • Technology Partner, Procure-to-Pay (Menlo Park)
  • HR Business Partner, Engineering (Menlo Park)
  • Executive Speechwriter, Marketing Communications (Menlo Park)
  • Head of Global Brand Design (Menlo Park)
  • Ad Operations Analyst, Latin America (Contractor) (São Paulo)
  • Account Manager, eCommerce (Singapore)
  • Account Manager, Gaming (Singapore)
  • Administrative Assistant , Singapore (Singapore)
  • Account Manager, Global Marketing Solutions (Gaming) (Menlo Park)
  • Direct Response Analyst (London)

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