Facebook careers: product marketing, internal communications, global sales, more

Facebook added 29 new positions to its careers page this week, including a number of openings on the communications, user operations, marketing and sales teams.

New listings added to Facebook’s careers page:

  • Solutions Engineer (London)
  • Corporate FP&A Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Manager, Internal Communications (Menlo Park)
  • Manager, Privacy and Public Policy (Menlo Park)
  • Localization Project Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Information Operations Engineer, Security (Menlo Park)
  • Security Response Lead (Mumbai) (Mumbai)
  • Executive Technical Sourcer – Contractor (Menlo Park)
  • Technical Recruiter (Menlo Park)
  • Communication Designer- University (Menlo Park)
  • Manager, Network Services, Deployment and Support (Menlo Park)
  • Data Analyst, ASO (Menlo Park)
  • Associate Product Marketing Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Product Marketing Manager, Ads & Interfaces (Menlo Park)
  • Measurement Partnership Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Head of Marketing Communications (Paris)
  • Analyst, User Operations (Austin)
  • Data Reporting Analyst, User Operations (Dublin)
  • Data Specialist, Reporting (Menlo Park)
  • Report System Developer, User Operations (Menlo Park)
  • Account Manager, Auto (Los Angeles)
  • Account Specialist, Strategic Client Services (Dublin)
  • Business Account Manager, Global Accounts (London)
  • Latin America Sales Trainer (São Paulo)
  • Manager, Global Sales Outsourcing (Singapore) (Singapore)
  • Relationship Manager (Seoul)
  • Account Manager, Global Marketing Solutions (Washington)
  • Growth Marketing Analyst (Menlo Park)
  • Forensic Ads Analyst, Monetization (Singapore)

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