Facebook Caught and Corrected Yet Another Privacy-Related Bug

More than 800,000 people may have had blocked users temporarily unblocked

Facebook's latest privacy bug was active from May 29 through June 5 - Credit by posteriori/iStock
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Facebook notified users about another privacy-related bug, this time affecting more than 800,000 people on the social network and its Messenger application who may have had people that they blocked unblocked.

Last month, 14 million people were affected by a bug that sprung up during the post-creation process, automatically suggesting that those posts be made public.

The latest bug was active from May 29 through June 5, and it potentially enabled blocked users on Facebook and Messenger to see content users shared with friends, which they should not have been able to see.

Chief privacy officer Erin Egan detailed the latest bug in a Newsroom post, saying that friend connections that had been severed were not reinstated, and that 83 percent of people affected by the bug had only one blocked person temporarily unblocked.

However, mistakenly unblocked people may have been able to contact the users who blocked them via Messenger.

Egan said the issue has been repaired, and users who were impacted will see notifications prompting them to check their blocked lists.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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