Facebook Fans Want Chris Christie In 2012 Prez Race

Facebook pages devoted to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie show that he's the kind of support that Republican candidates in the 2012 presidential race have.

Could New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie’s Facebook support give any indication of whether a 2012 presidential run is in his future?

We thought a scan of Facebook could serve as a measure of the Governor’s support since the mainstream media has been abuzz this week with the question: Will Governor Christie jump into the 2012 GOP race for president?

A speech this week at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library stirred the pot, and Governor Christie’s answers left many observers thinking he left just enough wiggle room to still enter the race.

Our first stop was at our own 2012 Election Tracker, designed to measure candidates’ influence on Facebook.

The Governor’s official state page has more than 48,385 likes as of this writing, and in the last 24 hours got 789 additional likes and 2,500 likes in the last 30 days.

Now let’s compare that with the Facebook page stats for another sitting governor who is already in the GOP race for president, Rick Perry, Governor of Texas.

Since New Jersey and Texas are markedly different in size, and one governor is an announced candidate for president, it’s tough to make a comparison.

However, Perry’s official Texas page — not his campaign for president site — has 5,951 likes as of this writing. And it too has seen a marked spike of growth in the last 30 days.

As one might expect, mirroring supporters’ cries for the governor to join the race are a few Christie for President pages on Facebook.

One page called “Gov Chris Christie for President,” says that, “In order to turn back Obamacare we must have a president who will back us up, a candidate for 2012 that is a sure winner.”

The other page, “Draft Chris Christie for President 2012,” has almost 1,500 likes as of this writing and boasts equally enthusiastic supporters.

Readers, do you think the Facebook fan pages for Governor Christie indicate he’s got enough support to enter the 2012 GOP presidential race?

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