Facebook, Come On Down… The Price Is Right Game Launching In June

Soon you’ll be able to guess the prices of toasters and spin the Big Wheel from the privacy of your own social network as The Price Is Right game has been given a launch date of June 14, 2010.  The game will feature weekly tournaments and prizing and will include all the famous Price Is Right games, such as Plinko, Cliff Hangers and more.

The game is being released by Ludia and FremantleMedia, relative newcomers to the big name social games universe.  I’m impressed that the game is managing to include a series of the real games from the show and also the stages and separate round-based feel of the TV show.  You’ll have the ability to spin the Big Wheel and play a full multiplayer game with other real players.  Certainly, this is something that players would expect and Ludia is planning to deliver.  Hopefully the game can live up to other recent brands like Family Feud and UNO, but time will tell.

Ludia is a Montreal based company, and they’ve worked on other big brands before but don’t have any big successes on Facebook as of yet.  The team has chosen to create a full multiplayer game, and that does seem a bit involved but as long as the interface is simple and easy, games like UNO and Wild Ones prove that people are willing to play real time multiplayer as long as it’s simple.

We’ll post more news when the game launches.