Facebook Community Pages Create Headaches For Brands

Perhaps we should rename PRNewser “FacebookPRNewser” for this week. With all of the news around the social network recently, it might not be too much of a stretch.

One of the latest changes made to the Facebook platform that is causing headaches for brands is “Community Pages.” The new pages are “owned collectively by the community connected to it,” according to Facebook. Think of it as more of a Wikipedia page, aggregating content about your brand or organization across Facebook into one place, as opposed to the Facebook Fan Page that your brand or organization built, controls and maintains.

The video above is from Ike Pigott, who works in the communications department of Alabama Power, explaining the challenges Community Pages present for his company.

As our sibling blog AllFacebook writes:

It is difficult to reconcile Facebook’s interest in having companies and brands engage with fans and advertise on their website with the fact that Facebook has just made it harder for its partners to manage their reputations there.

However, you say, isn’t social media all about “giving up control?” Why yes, in some ways it is. However, as Dave Fleet, Account Director and head of the social media practice at Thornley Fallis Communications illustrates, it’s not just just about control:

This is about the world’s largest social network encouraging companies to set up shop on their network and to invest in their presence there, then pulling the rug out from under their feet and launching a new aspect to the network that dilutes the investment for those companies.

Of course, it could also provide some benefit to brands in the long run. As ClickZ reports, Community Pages could “help make official brand pages more distinct from third-party pages and groups on the site.”

mediabistro.com book publishing blog GalleyCat is looking into the impact on authors and publishers, who are also concerned about the changes.

We want to hear from you. Has your company run into issues with Community Pages?

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