Facebook Page Admins Have a New Way to Control Creators’ Tags in Branded Content

Page admins can ensure that only authorized creators tag pages in branded content posts

Facebook added a new feature to the Page Roles section of the admin panel for page administrators, giving them more control options over branded content.

Reader Chris Ruberg, digital marketing specialist at Affinitiv, shared the screenshots above and below with Social Pro Daily, in which a popup appeared in his Page Roles menu, reading:

New feature: Control which creators can tag your pages as their business partner.

Clicking on the popup brought him to this Facebook Business help page, which provided the following instructions for how to ensure that only authorized creators tag pages in branded content posts:

You can ensure that only authorized creators can tag your page in branded content posts by turning on approvals in page settings. With this functionality, your page as a business partner will be protected, ensuring no authorization of any unapproved tagging.

When approvals are turned on, creators must first be added to a business partner’s approved creator list before they can successfully tag the business partner’s page with the branded content tool. Business partners will continue to receive notifications each time they are tagged.

More information is available here.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.