Facebook Helps Advertisers Get Across Borders

More than 1.2 billion Facebook users are connected to small businesses in other countries

A world without borders (for Facebook advertisers, anyway) Cartarium/iStock

Facebook Tuesday introduced four new features to help ensure that borders are not barriers to advertising on the social network.

Facebook said in a blog post that more than 1.2 billion of its users are connected to small businesses in other countries.

The four new features revealed by Facebook Tuesday are:

  • Dynamic language optimization: Businesses on the social network can include multiple languages within ad sets, and Facebook will match the proper languages to their respective users. Facebook will also optimize for the best performance based on total budget and campaign objective.

  • Multi-country lookalike audiences: Businesses can find the best potential customers in a combination of countries, rather than focusing on individual countries. Facebook said in its blog post, “International and multi-country lookalike audiences can help businesses big and small find the people from around the world that will love their business.”

  • Multi-city targeting: Businesses can reach users in multiple cities based on population size. They can automatically select all cities in a country, a region or globally, and the social network will deliver their ads to those selected cities.

The social network introduced international lookalike audiences, as well as extended location targeting capabilities by selected regions or trade zones, in September 2016.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.