Facebook Customizable Push Campaigns for Apps Are Out of Beta

Facebook announced earlier this week that the customizable push campaigns for applications that it introduced at F8 earlier this year are out of closed beta.

Facebook announced earlier this week that the customizable push campaigns for applications that it introduced at F8 earlier this year are out of closed beta.

Software engineer Brian Ni announced in a blog post that push campaigns are now available to all businesses, complete with a redesigned targeting section to ensure that push notifications result in conversions.


Ni wrote that apps that deploy push notifications see retention rise by up to 180 percent, adding that those notifications can be used for reminders, offers or sharing deep links within apps.

He added that in-app notifications allow developers to include rich media cards that appear to users directly within their apps, without the need for coding each specific instance, and those cards can be customized with photos, emoji, GIFs, buttons and other elements, and Ni shared the following potential uses for those notifications:

  • New features: in-app notifications are an eye-catching way to let people know about a new feature in your app–for example, if a ride sharing app can promote new transportation option.
  • Limited-time offers: You can use in-app notifications to increase awareness and participation in a seasonal sale or limited-time offer. For example, a shopping app could promote its “50 percent off sale.”
  • Cart reminder: in-app notifications can remind people that they have something left in their cart that they haven’t purchased yet.


Ni also addressed how the latest versions of iOS and Android were accounted for:

Push campaigns are becoming even more prominent for people using the latest iOS and Android devices. iOS 10 requires two taps on the home screen to unlock, which means that push notifications stay on the screen longer. This gives you more time to engage your audience and ensures that your notifications are reaching them.

On Android Nougat, your users can now directly interact with and reply from push notifications. This helps support engagement by keeping things simple and fast without the need to switch to another app.

Finally, Ni advised interested developers to download and implement Facebook’s iOS or Android software-development kits, and to use the social network’s quick-start guide.

Readers: What are your thoughts on push notifications?

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