7 Ways Facebook Complicates Dating

Yes, Facebook connects us with the people in our lives. Sometimes, however, the social network can complicate our dating life. Here are seven examples.

Yes, Facebook connects us with the people in our lives. Sometimes, however, the social network can complicate our dating. Here are seven examples.

Analysis Paralysis

Information about your current partner, ex, or a potential boyfriend or girlfriend to-be can be too much to handle!

For example, if her status update says, “Goin’out tonight. Home girls and drinks,” you might wonder whether they’re going to talk about you and her, and what they will say.

There’s a good chance that the love of your life is one of your Facebook friends, and that can be a very good thing or something quite painful.

Or, you might see a guy you’re interested in tagged in a photo with another woman. That causes painful worries, like: “My god, clearly he doesn’t have any interest in me because he was with that girl, Brooke Magi. Better check out my competition!!! Damn, she’s kinda hot. Nooooooooo!!!!”

Rumor Mill

Facebook lets your friends speculate about your relationship status. Whether or not you are listed as in a relationship with someone, your pictures and wall posts will give away any potential boyfriends or girlfriends.

Your friend says, “So dude, I see this girl, Jessica, who writes on your wall…all the time! Tell me, what is going on, bro?” No matter how you respond to that question, the gossip’s already underway.

All Kinds Of Awkwardness

As if dating wasn’t awkward enough, Facebook makes it even worse.

A lot of guys resort to sending messages in making a first move on a girl. Whether or not she replies, it makes for awkward real-life moments because the only form of contact each of these parties has had was through a Facebook message.

Some guys go a step further and make a move by writing on a girl’s wall, making their efforts a public spectacle.

Relationship Status Blunders

Sometimes it’s best to keep your relationship status under wraps — at least until you know the feelings are mutual. Otherwise, you could suffer public humiliation if things come to an abrupt halt.

Have you ever seen this one before? Her status update says, “Diana Johnson is listed as in a relationship with Adam Kramer.” Soon thereafter, her status update says, “Out to dinner with the love of my life!” One day later… her status update says, “Diana Johnson went from being in a relationship to single.”

Unwanted Stalkers

Understatement: Facebook + Lonely Men = Unwanted Stalking.

Fortunately, Facebook continues to offer ways you can minimize your exposure to would-be stalkers — if only more people made use of these options.

A lot people keep on their friend lists those who politely stalk by simply commenting on or liking every single thing one posts to a profile.

You can always avoid an annoying confrontation by limiting the stalker’s access to your wall, photo and status updates. But even doing that sends the message that feelings are not requited.

Your Crush’s Facebook Status Updates

Less is more when it comes to statuses involving a certain someone.

Have you ever seen a crush post lovey-dovey status updates about someone who isn’t you?

Like she says, “I love… being in love.” You think, “That’s just great and all. Except for the whole thing about her being in a relationship with him…not me. Sigh…”

Mystery Man

Rather than saving you time, sometimes Facebook keeps your head spinning about your crush.

Looking at your crush’s profile might raise more questions for you than give you solid answers.

You might think, “Why doesn’t he list his relationship status? Must be some kind of player. Then again, he doesn’t seem like that type of guy.”