6 More Desktop Chat Clients That Use Facebook Connect

As a follow up to our 9 Killer Desktop Facebook Chat Clients, we looked to our readers for suggestions about more desktop chat clients that use Facebook Chat. Fortunately, our readers came through, and here is the list of 6 more clients that you download to your desktop and connect to Facebook Chat.


Pidgin is another classic, like Trillian, that has been around for ages and connects to any chat program under the sun. The fact that it’s been around for a long time and is open source means that innovative people are constantly adding to it. It supports all operating systems including Linux/Unix (and is a popular favorite for those users). The program has also been translated to several languages. Give it a shot here.

Chit Chat

Chit Chat is a great, simple client that focuses mainly on Facebook itself. There aren’t too many frills, but that’s what makes the program nice. If you just want to save some resources and have your chat send you notifications on your desktop instead of inside a browser, try Chit Chat out.


Trillian is one of the best known chat clients available, and was one of the first to combine services like MSN Messenger and ICQ, years ago. It’s been steadily maintained and still has a devout following (several of our readers indicated this needed to be on the list). One of the best things about Trillian is that it has versions for Mac, iPhone, Windows and a version for the web. Also, the program has been around so long that there are pretty much features for any occasion. Take a look at the 450+ Features of Trillian here.


I’m very partial to Nimbuzz. It’s one of the best chat applications available for the Android, and I have it on my phone to connect with my Facebook friends at any time. The program is mainly for iPhone, but they also have a desktop downloadable client available here. With Nimbuzz, you also get access to NimbuzzOut, a free calling program that lets you make cheap international calls and free local calls using your computer microphone and headset. This really means Nimbuzz can become your one and only chat program and can replace programs like Skype.


Miranda’s primary goal is to be absolutely light on system resources. It’s an open source solution with various ports available, and it has no overly complex features, but does include a plugin system, where you can download plugins to customize and powerup your use of Miranda. The idea is very interesting and seems to work well. Ultimately, this is a program that can fit on a small USB drive and be executable from anywhere you are, so if that’s a need for you, give it a shot.


Kopete has to be on the list as it’s like the Swiss-Army knife for Linux users. It has a series of available plugins that allow it to connect with various different networks, including Facebook, and each connection is customizable. Here is the link for customizing the Facebook section, and here is the link to the IM itself.