Facebook-Connected Users 9X More Likely To Engage With, Share From E-Commerce Sites

Shoppers who use Facebook Connect along with ecommerce sites are nine times more likely to engage with those sites' social features and share content with friends, according to a new study from social application provider Sociable Labs.

Shoppers who log onto Facebook while on commerce websites are nine times more likely to engage with those sites’ social features and share content with friends.

Sociable Labs analyzed more than 1.35 million clicks via 42 different social sharing apps between October 2010 and January 2012 in order to determine the benefits and value of Facebook Connect users to retailers’ websites.

The company defined Facebook-connected users in two ways:

  • Those who used social log-in alternatives, such as “log in with Facebook” buttons, and
  • Those who clicked on e-commerce sites’ calls to action, which required them to share information from their Facebook accounts.

Sociable Labs said it expected Facebook-connected users to share at a higher rate, but never foresaw the rate rising to as high as nine times that of non-Facebook-users.

The software vendor concluded:

Based on our results, Facebook-connected users provide significant ongoing value to retailers, as these users continue to engage and share at very high rates on return visits.

Given this fact, the natural conclusion is that retailers should find engaging social experiences that motivate shoppers to connect, driving significantly higher LTV (lifetime value) through ongoing new customer referrals.

Beyond adding like buttons and other social sharing features, you should consider adding a social log-in alternative to your site. Plus, consider adding the number of Facebook-connected users as a key performance indicator for your social strategy.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.