Facebook's Most Engaging Pages This Week: Religion And Mario Teguh

While this will go down as another week for the always-placing religious pages, those based outside of the U.S. enjoy a good amount of interactions among fans.

While this will go down as another week for the always-placing religious pages, those based outside of the U.S. enjoy a good amount of interactions among fans.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

Name Fans Interactions
1. Jesus Daily 8,522,337 4,081,199
2. Mario Teguh 4,719,892 1,181,170
3. The Bible 8,146,622 1,069,714
4. Manchester United 19,062,712 753,930
5. Jesus Christ 3,007,738 673,915
6. Dios Es Bueno! 4,268,335 655,246
7. MTV Roadies 3,024,351 576,763
8. Justin Bieber 35,840,147 513,124
9. Im a Muslim & I’m Proud 6,400,175 504,854
10. Real Madrid C.F. 19,464,933 489,372
11. Barack Obama 23,056,025 452,574
12. Joyce Meyer Ministries 1,524,605 446,836
13. ILoveAllaah.com 6,429,067 391,884
14. FC Barcelona 20,182,045 378,032
15. Müzik Keyfi 1,589,247 375,618
16. Empires & Allies 5,927,674 367,858
17. Pink Floyd 15,229,577 364,040
18. Lord Ganesha 1,602,160 362,382
19. Texas Hold’em Poker 49,979,756 343,991
20. Educate Yourself 1,758,523 339,063


With a simply dominant total of 4,081,199 interactions, it was officially another week on top for our regular frontrunner, Jesus Daily. Settling for third, The Bible‘s 1,069,714 interactions left it ousted from its typical second-position finish.

In fifth and sixth places respectively, we have Jesus Christ and Dios Es Bueno. The former managed a three-place improvement, engaging an audience of 673,915, and the latter held on in sixth amassing a 655,246 seven-day total.

Taking a huge leap forward connecting with its audience simply through regular text and picture updates, Im a Muslim & Im Proud witnessed a comeback to 504,854 engagements that landed it the ninth spot.

Another Islamic alternative found a short way down in the 13th spot, ILoveAllaah.com, totaled 391,884 comments. Both pages will be interesting to watch as they attempt to expand their audiences.

Discussions surrounding recent conferences seemed to be a likely instigator that sparked Joyce Meyer Ministries moving forward to 12th; 446,836 likers helped in the page’s increasing placement.

Taking a hard seven-spot fall, Lord Ganesha ended up stuck in 18th with a diminishing 362,382 contributions made to the conversation.


They sure were a talkative bunch in Indonesia. Our second-place finisher. Mario Teguh, tallied a 1,181,170-interaction total — a very noteworthy improvement as he is still competing for a first-place victory.

India’s popular reality series “MTV Roadies” keeps engaging, and this week 576,763 social networkers conversed about the ongoing audition process for the next season, leading to another seventh-place finish for the show.

In Turkey, Müzik Keyfi climbed four places to 15th, garnering a 375,618-engagement total. Returning after a long disappearance, the Arabic page that most closely translates to Educate Yourself returned in the final position, ending with 339,063 interactions.

European Football

The sports banter continued on Manchester United‘s social-networking home. Its recent match against archrival Chelsea surely had a hand in a winning 753,930 fourth-place total.

Playing solid offense, Real Madrid C.F.‘s engaging presence persuaded 489,372 comments. FC Barcelona sprinted its way back to our countdown as 378,032 chatterers gave it a 14th-place finish.

With the official season rapidly approaching, it will be interesting to see where these pages land in the coming weeks.


A recording collaboration with Boyz II Men didn’t seem to have what it took, and Justin Bieber lost momentum, dropping to eighth place and seeing his engagement total slip to 513,124.

Classic rock band Pink Floyd has an interesting social media presence, and the page managed to accrue 364,040 partakers in the discussion — a 17th-place first appearance.


Somewhere between a dinner competition promotion, the Job Acts, and gearing up for next year’s campaign, you have the main topics that are trending from Barack Obama’s Facebook team.

The president stepped forward to 12th, with 452,574 voices adding a thought to the conversation.


While it was almost a lost cause for Empires & Allies, the Zynga gaming application pressed on and will spend the next seven days in 16th place; 367,858 gamers added to the discussion, helping the page rebound after previous shortcoming weeks. Conversely, it was the opposite for Texas Hold ’em Poker, and a 343,991-post total had it collapsing to 19th.

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