Jesus Daily Leads Facebook In Page Engagement

The leader in page engagement on Facebook for over ninth months, Jesus Daily begins February with a great deal of interactivity.

The leader in page engagement on Facebook for over ninth months, Jesus Daily begins February with a great deal of interactivity.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

Name Fans Interactions
1. Jesus Daily 11,288,828 6,060,123
2. Dios Es Bueno 5,490,257 2,909,080
3. The Bible 8,577,460 1,822,462
4. Mario Teguh 5,429,654 1,100,641
5. Joyce Meyer Ministries 1,930,435 1,096,277
6. 9GAG 1,711,210 814,043
7. Manchester United 22,022,556 808,636
8. Justin Bieber 39,877,737 690,220
9. “MTV Roadies” 3,701,464 637,295
10. Real Madrid C.F. 24,112,785 603,697
11. Jesus Tiene Mas Fans Que Cualquiera, Vamos A Demostrarlo 2,566,224 596,926
12. Kevin Hart 4,588,349 578,258
13. I’m a Muslim & I’m Proud 6,786,831 568,446
14. New England Patriots 3,060,665 561,157
15. 6,737,288 559,010
16. Jesus Christ 3,465,484 553,491
17. Last Child 2,431,481 511,414
18. The Ellen DeGeneres Show 6,770,048 488,210
19. We Are All Khaled Said 1,897,385 479,587
20. Liverpool FC 8,041,108 452,601


Jesus Daily remains the social network’s clear leader in engagement, with six million interactions. Dios Es Bueno is again in second tallying 2.9 million responses from fans.

In the third position, the page called The Bible collects a growing 1.8 million interactions. Joyce Meyer Ministries‘ smaller fan base makes the consistently ample interactivity totals rather noteworthy; the non-profit organization garners over one million likes and comments in fifth place.

Starting the second half of the countdown, Los Fanaticos De Jesus amasses a 596,926 interaction statistic. Both Islamic pages, I’m a Muslim & I’m Proud and, rank in the 13th and 15th positions, respectively. The first earns a 568,446 engagement figure and the second a 559,010 total.

In 16th place, this conversational hotspot dedicated to Jesus Christ finishes with 553,491 likes and comments.


Mario Teguh ranks in fourth on the countdown, getting 1.1 million likes and comments. We Are All Khaled Said is in 19th with 479,587 commenters.


For those seeking humorous pictures on the social network, 9GAG is a popular destination currently witnessing healthy engagement statistics; 814,043 interactions place the page in sixth. Kevin Hart‘s announcement of a new tour plays a role in collecting 578,258 likes and comments, a 12th place finish.


Manchester United posts regular updates for fans on the social networking home throughout the ongoing season, and the team comes in seventh with 808,636 interactions. In tenth place, Real Madrid C.F. tallies a smaller 603,697 engagement statistic. Liverpool FC returns to the rankings, and 452,601 likes and comments place the club in 19th place.

Though their outcome wasn’t favorable in the Super Bowl last night, the New England Patriots were stronger in terms of page engagement; 561,157 likes and comments place the team in 14th place.


Studio updates are the focus for Justin Bieber‘s social network home; 690,220 interactions rank the pop star in eighth. In Indonesia, Last Child accrue a 511,414 engagement total in 17th.


Ranking in ninth, a 637,295 total is in improvement for “MTV Roadies.” A Super Bowl TV Giveaway promotion aids in “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” receiving 488,210 interactions, positioning the television show in 18th.

Readers, which pages are you engaging with the most this week?

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