How Brisk Iced Tea Got One Million Facebook Fans

Brisk's Facebook page recently crossed the one million fan milestone, with help from VaynerMedia. Here's how they did it.

VaynerMedia has helped Brisk Iced Tea present a more youthful image on Facebook, and the resulting campaign doubled sales for the beverage over a two year time period.

Brisk’s Facebook page recently crossed the one million fan milestone, and boasts that 82 percent of them are in their 20s and 30s. We asked them to tell us how they did it.

What proof do you have that the doubled sales volume is due to the Facebook promotions?

Gary Vaynerchuk, Co-Founder, VaynerMedia: Much like the way television is measured – where people say they do it and then see sales impact at shelf- Brisk has been doing social media correctly and their business has grown. I find it ironic that people are trying to turn social media into an isolated, direct marketing tool when they don’t ask print, outdoor, radio, and television to do the same.

Eric Fuller, Brand Director, Brisk Iced Tea: Brisk has done a great deal over the past few years, from revitalizing our packaging graphics to expanding beyond teas into juice drink flavor innovation, partnering with iconic personalities and characters from Eminem and Machete to The Green Lantern and launching a custom mobile app featuring iconic Star Wars characters. While I can’t prove the link between our Facebook community and our sales, I can say that our Facebook community has been a consistent driving force in all of our marketing efforts during this time and we have seen oursales double in the past 2 years.

Why did Unilever/Lipton/Brisk decide to work with a third-party social media company instead of doing it in-house? And why Vayner instead of a bigger outfit? Does Vayner work with Unilever’s other subsidiaries and brands?

Fuller: We started working with Vayner in fall 2009, back when we were just launching a Facebook page. Vayner also works on the two other brands in the Pepsi Lipton Partnership – Pure Leaf and Lipton Iced Tea.

We felt that the team put into place was fully committed to understanding the Brisk brand and thesensibility of the millennial consumer. Our instincts proved to be right on as Vayner not only helped drive our community but also drove engagement metrics unlike anything we’ve seen with other brands.

You say your market consists of millennials. What characteristics have you learned about them through social media?