How to Use Facebook for Fantasy Football

With kickoff of the 2015 National Football League season just days away, fantasy football preparations are in high gear, but how can Facebook help?

With kickoff of the 2015 National Football League season just days away, fantasy football preparations are in high gear, but how can Facebook help?

The social network offered the following tips on how its users can help expedite the process of getting their leagues up and running:

  • Recruiting: Use Facebook’s friend-locating capabilities to bring new members into your league—your new co-worker, say, or that middle-school friend who’s now a sports nut. Invite everyone into a Facebook group for one place to discuss updates and organize the league.
  • Draft day: Use Facebook groups to poll your league and determine the best day to get together, and use your group to execute the draft in real-time.
  • Banter: Even while your main league platform is off-site, Facebook can be the vibrant social hub: a combination sports bar, living room and press box. League members can use it to offer roster tips and serve up choice taunts. Use it for running commentary while the game is on. While Facebook is an indispensable communications tool for a dispersed league, it’s also convenient for a local one.
  • Use Facebook events to take things offline: Subscribe to your favorite bars’ events calendars from their pages and get notified about Monday-night specials and watch parties. Keep an eye out on your events dashboard for football related events that your friends are attending so you won’t miss out either.

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Image of fantasy football logo courtesy of Shutterstock. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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