The More Facebook Friends You Have, The Less You Pay To Watch This Film

The more friends you have on Facebook, the less you pay to watch the online stream of Andy X.

Do you think your Facebook friends are worthless? Think again: Each one is worth one cent toward the purchase of the online stream of visual art musical film Andy X.

Andy X began streaming at the exact 25-year anniversary of the death of legendary artist Andy Warhol, 6:21 a.m. February 22. Directed by Jim Sharman (best known for Rocky Horror Picture Show), the film is a 40-minute look at Warhol’s life.

The movie is available as a digital-rights-management-free download or 72-hour streamed rental via its website, for $6.99, but Facebook users who like the Andy X page can subtract once cent for each of their Facebook friends from the total cost.

Sunday Pictures teamed up with online producer DLSHS and distributor ScreenLaunch on the release of Andy X, and Sharman said of the film:

Cyberspace seems the perfect place to explore the Warhol enigma. I imagine Warhol would have loved the net.

Readers: How much of a discount would your Facebook friend total represent? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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