Facebook for iPad Still Not Released, Third Parties Try But Get In Trouble

Many people expected to see an official Facebook app launch along with the iPad this past weekend, but it didn’t. Instead, new owners of the tablet device looked in the App Store for a Facebook and found an unofficial app called Facebook Ultimate, for $2.99.

It got as high as number 7 on Apple’s paid iPad apps list over the weekend. But its name, if not other aspects of it, resulted in trouble with Facebook. “The Ultimate Facebook App was a clear violation of Facebook Platform policies around trademark infringement and affiliation, and has since been removed from the App Store by Apple,” Facebook said in a statement.

Facebook has yet to launch an official iPad app. Former Facebook iPhone app developer Joe Hewitt tweeted that the “#7 paid app is the 2.99 ‘Facebook Ultimate!’…. Sigh.” We don’t know when an official Facebook for iPad will be released.

Facebook has made a point of customizing its service for as many devices as possible. In terms of Apple products, its app for the iPhone and iPod touch is one of the most popular on Facebook’s platform as well as in the App Store. The mistaken identity around Facebook ultimate goes to show that even the serious early adopter crowd buying iPads wanted the app, not just the other 400 million monthly active people already using it.

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