Facebook Gets 3D Voice Chat With Mingleverse

These days it seems as if the only applications getting attention on Facebook are games, but Mingleverse is making some waves with their recently released 3D voice chat application. The program allows users to enter a virtual room and have virtualized (hence 3D) audio chats with the other people in the rooms, and the application makes it easy to share media like Youtube videos and photos.

The application requires that you do install their Mingleverse connector, which is a plugin that properly allows the sound to be virtualized, but it`s not a big deal. You also have to create an account but because they`ve integrated with Facebook well, it`s literally a one-step process; choose a username and you`re ready to go. There`s no doubt that it feels impressive when you first step into your own 3D room, and I think that this may be one of the very first non-games to use 3D. I did have a bit of trouble finding anyone to chat with, as it seems you can only invite your friends. That said, the integration of media was awesome, and in the screen below you can see how I was able to throw up a trailer for one of my favorite games, Metal Gear Solid 4, onto a screen by simply searching it from an in-built Youtube browser.

I`m curious to see whether applications like this will take off, as traditionally 3D chat applications have the problems of being a little too cumbersome for quick , easy communication. However, if this were to work, will we soon be seeing games like IMVU appear on Facebook? I seriously doubt that IMVU isn’t already planning to do something to address this market, and they do what Mingleverse does and a whole lot more. The competition will certainly be intense if players find that they enjoy 3D lounges, so we’ll see as times passes. A final surprise from this application was the fact that there didn’t seem to be any way to see or customize what I looked like. Check out the application and let me know if you can figure that one out!

You can try Mingleverse on Facebook here.