Facebook Gets A $711 Million Settlement Against Spammer Sanford Wallace

Back in June I wrote about a ruling against Sanford Wallace, who is one of the most well known spammers. As of today, the case as been settled and “California awarded Facebook $711 million in damages against Sanford Wallace”. Additionally, Wallace now faces possible jail time. Despite the massive settlement, it’s unlikely Wallace will ever show up in California again, or pay the settlement.

Instead, Sanford Wallace is probably moving from country to country, trying to avoid the authorities and living off money stashed in offshore accounts. Despite Sanford’s decision to hop around the world avoiding authorities, Facebook is hailing this judgment as a big win:

The ruling is the result of tireless effort by our Security and Legal teams, which work to find, expose, and prosecute the sources of spam attacks. As Sam O’Rourke, Associate General Counsel for Facebook, has stated, “We’ll go to the ends of the Earth to protect our users from spam and make sure those who send it are held accountable.” These efforts complement the sophisticated technical systems we continue to develop to limit the impact of these attacks, and where possible, block them altogether.

Facebook is currently dedicated to building advanced spam fighting systems and pursuing those individuals who attempt to scam users on the site. One of the early issues with MySpace was an overload of spam which caused people to go running from the site. Facebook in contrast has aggressively pursued spammers, and while many have slipped through the cracks, most issues are resolved quickly.

This is just one more settlement against Sanford Wallace who has already filed for bankruptcy, however it’s a big win for Facebook who has been working on this case for months now.

Sanford Wallace image via Red Herring.

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