Facebook Gets Pluses From Google's Mounting Minuses

People only go to Google Plus to cross-post what they've already put up on Facebook.

I’ve been calling Google Plus a ghost town compared to Facebook, and now I can say that great minds think alike: The Wall Street Journal used nearly identical language.

Google Plus bores the daylights out of me every time I head over there on reconnaissance missions, and that’s not just because only an eighth of my Facebook friends have profiles on the newer social network.

My connections cross-post to Google Plus whatever they’re putting up on Facebook, and don’t stick around to do much else.

If anything, my contacts might spend more time cross-posting than the average person, who gives the newer social network just three minutes per month compared to 405 minutes a month on Facebook, according to comScore.

The Journal put these numbers in the nifty infographic we’ve reprinted at the bottom of this post.

As you can see below, the much newer network, Pinterest, has grown faster than Google Plus and clearly blows it away in terms of attention share, already garnering 89 minutes per month.

In fact, I’ve already spent more recon time on Pinterest in the past two weeks — I just joined — than I have cumulatively since Google Plus this summer, but that’s not saying much. I stopped cross posting months ago.

Now there’s an important difference between Google Plus and Pinterest: The scrapbook-style social network integrates with Facebook, while the search giant does not.

If Google and Facebook were to make peace, then you could put a big G+ on your timeline the same way you can pin a Pinterest logo there.

For that to happen, Google’s AdSense would have to agree to Facebook’s advertising rules; now if that occurred, it would make a lot of developers happy.

Readers, would you spend more time on Google Plus if you could link it to your Facebook profile?