TabFusion Merges Google Plus And Facebook Feeds

A new application from TabFusion means you may not have to choose between posting to Google Plus or Facebook any longer.

TabFusion’s new Facebook application for fan pages means users may not need to choose between sharing content on Facebook or Google Plus any longer.

TabFusion says it has developed the first application that enables page administrators to display a Google Plus feed as a tab within Facebook fan pages.

The app leverages some of the most popular features of Google Plus by supporting inline photos and links, with real-time updates.

And in the future, TabFusion hopes to display everything that’s important on Google Plus, such as circles, comments, photos and other items.

Perhaps the most important feature of the Google Plus app from TabFusion is that it’s available for free only for a limited time.

The true test of whether this app will be effective is when the other features are added and whether that will include the ability to merge Google Plus content with personal profiles on Facebook.

The company offers a host of Facebook apps — some free, some not — for music, design, video and blogs.

TabFusion counts among its clients some divisions within CNN, such as the show “Piers Morgan Tonight,” the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, MTV News and the retail store Anthropologie.

Readers, does the idea of putting a Google Plus feed on your Facebook page — or personal profile — appeal to you, or have you lost interest in the search giant’s social network?