Facebook Grows in Latin America – What it Means for Marketers and Developers

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More than 70% of Facebook’s users now live outside of the United States. And yet, many of the site’s biggest brands marketers, advertisers, and developers have targeted their efforts to the English-speaking North American market. This makes sense when considering that the United States is Facebook’s #1 country in terms of absolute users, has high engagement rates, high market penetration rates, and is a lucrative and monetizable market. However, these same reasons make the US an increasingly saturated market. Marketers and developers looking to grow even more must mirror Facebook’s own growth – much of which is now happening in other countries around the world.

As Facebook continues to grow in markets outside the US, should campaigns and apps be tailored by language, region (Latin America), or country? Do localization and culturalization still matter?

Today, we take a look at the site’s growth in Latin America, a rapidly changing and growing set of markets for players in the Facebook ecosystem.

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