INFOGRAPHIC: Who Are Facebook's Biggest Haters?

With 84 percent of Facebook users demanding that the site get rid of the recent changes, the biggest haters are identified in this must-see infographic.

Over the past couple of days, it has pretty much been established that Facebook users are not big fans of the litany of changes introduced by the social network this week (understatement!). But some demographics dislike things more than others.

Opinion-based social community SodaHead gathering the opinions of more than 1,000 voters Thursday and broke down the Facebook dislikes into demographic categories.

Overall, 84 percent of respondents voted “lose it,” with only 16 percent opting for “like it.”

Here are some of SodaHead’s findings, by demographic, and please see the company’s infographic below for more information.

  • Male: 79 percent lose it, 21 percent iike It
  • Female: 88/12
  • Age 13-17: 89/11
  • Age 18-24: 81/19
  • Age 25-34: 84/16
  • Age 35-44: 76/24
  • Age 45-54: 82/18
  • Age 55-64: 88/12
  • Age 65 and up: 79/21
  • Accounting/finance: 80/20
  • Advertising/graphic design: 71/29
  • Arts and entertainment: 75/25
  • Clerical: 100/zero
  • Healthcare: 75/25
  • IT: 43/57
  • Legal: 80/20
  • Management: 82/18
  • Military: 100/zero
  • Other: 79/21
  • Public safety: 100/zero
  • Retail: 93/7
  • Small business owner: 72/28
  • Student: 89/11

Other demographics analyzed by SodaHead were religious views, political views, sexual orientation, relationship status, children, Zodiac sign, smokers/nonsmokers, drinkers/nondrinkers, education, employment status, income, income sought, height and weight type.

The only two demographics for which Facebook’s extensive changes scored victories were those who selected IT as their career, with 57 percent of the 14 respondents voting to “Like It,” and those who selected Baha’i as their religion, namely one respondent.

On the flip side, the following demographics were unanimous in voting to “Lose It”: widowed (11 respondents), expecting children (3), clerical (3), military (7), public safety (5), 4’5″ and shorter (1), 4’6″-4’11” (3), and 6’6″ or taller (3).

Readers: Lose It or Like It? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.