Facebook hires and departures: data centers, engineering, legal, interns, more

Facebook seems to have eliminated many of its university intern positions this week. Many of the jobs were listed in early December and more than a dozen of the positions disappeared this week. They could have been filled, but it would be irregular for the way jobs are usually removed from the Careers page. Jobs for data centers, engineering and counsel also disappeared from Facebook’s job page; engineerings, marketing and account management staff were hired this week, according to the company’s page and LinkedIn feed this week.

New hires per LinkedIn:

  • Karol Karpinski, Account Manager – former Interactive Media Manager at Media Contacts.
  • Eric Boller, Marketing – former student.
  • Sergio Clemente Filho, Software Engineer – former Software Development Engineer at Microsoft.
  • Ludvig Hedlund, Account Manager – former Nordic Online Account Manager at Match.com.

Prior listings now removed from the Facebook Careers Page:

  • Technical Program Manager
  • Data Center Automation Controls Engineer
  • Data Center Design Electrical Engineer
  • Data Center Facilities Data Engineer
  • ETL Data Engineer
  • Mobile User Interface Engineer
  • ETL Data Engineer
  • Developer Support Engineer
  • International Counsel
  • Recruiting Lead – Engineering
  • Recruiting Lead (Austin)
  • Sales Manager – Global Marketing Solutions for Hong Kong and Taiwan (Singapore)
  • Technical Sourcing Lead – Menlo Park, CA
  • Growth Manager 120101 (Menlo Park)
  • Law Enforcement Analyst – Dublin (Contract)
  • Law Enforcement Analyst Portuguese – Dublin (Contract)
  • Law Enforcement Response Team Leader (Dublin)
  • Email Marketing Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Manager, Procurement
  • University Business Intern, Local Business Activation, Marketing API Program
  • University Business Intern: Account Management (New York)
  • University Business Intern: Business Development
  • University Business Intern: Mobile Business Development
  • University Business Intern: Finance, Business Operations
  • University Business Intern: Strategic Sourcing Specialist
  • University Intern, Data Operations Intern (Austin or Menlo Park)
  • University Business Intern: Monetization Analytics
  • University Intern: Measurement Platforms & Standards Group: Product Marketing
  • University Business Intern: Risk & Payments
  • University Business Intern: Global Business Marketing (Menlo Park)(New York)
  • University Business Intern: Product Marketing, Advertising and Monetization
  • University Business Intern: Global Agency Team
  • University Business Intern:Global Accounts: Strategy & Planning
  • University Business Intern: Direct Sales, Sales Operations
  • Account Manager (London)
  • International Account Manager (London)
  • Associate, Ad Operations
  • Analyst, SMB Growth – Turkish (Dublin)
  • Client Partner, Brand Specialist – (Dublin)
  • Client Partner, Brand Specialist – French (Dublin)
  • Client Partner, Brand Specialist – Danish (Dublin)

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