Facebook Hires and Departures: Google’s Creative Director, Quora, and More

Facebook hired some analysts and interns this week, lost a few recruiters and is in search of software engineers, according to the company’s LinkedIn feed and other sources. And its former Tech Recruiter and Team Lead Andy Barton announced recently that he left the company for Quora.

But most prominently, Google creative director Ji Lee has officially confirmed on his web site that he has moved over to take the same title at Facebook (he’d mentioned the move during a talk a couple weeks ago, but hadn’t said much beyond that). Facebook has never had a creative director before, so we’re checking with the company to get a better sense of what Lee will be working on. You can see some of his previous work here and here.

New hires per LinkedIn and Other Sources:

  • Martin Aguirre Martinez – Local Business Consultant, previously the Social Media Manager at TnT Tacos and Tequila.
  • Mircea Dima – now a Software Engineer Intern, formerly a Software Engineer at Balaur.ro.
  • Minwen Ji – Software Engineer, formerly a Senior Staff Engineer at VMware.
  • Javier Martinez-Zaporta – Payment Analyst at Facebook, formerly a Fraud Investigator at Sportingbet PLC.
  • Kai Umezawa – now a Software Engineer Intern, formerly was Software Architect at Marsh.
  • Emily Vasile – User Operations Specialist, previously worked in the Management and Program Analyst at the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  • Melanie Bauer – Benefits Program Manager, previously did similar work at PDL BioPharma, Inc.
  • Corinne Boggs – now an Account Executive, formerly a Senior Account Executive at Yahoo.
  • Kati McGee – Analyst, Online Sales Operations, was a Marketing Intern at Greenleaf Book Group.

Recent departures, per LinkedIn and Other Sources:

Prior listings now removed from the Facebook Careers Page:

  • Corporate FP&A Associate
  • Data Analyst, Credits
  • Data Analyst, Gaming
  • Data Analyst, Mobile
  • Payment Operations Analyst – Brazilian Portuguese (Austin)
  • Associate, Ad Operations (Austin)
  • Build Engineer
  • Open Source Tools Engineer
  • Software Engineer, Ads
  • Software Engineer, Ads Infrastructure and Optimization
  • Software Engineer, Commerce Infrastructure
  • Software Engineer, Commerce Platform
  • Software Engineer, Facebook Platform
  • Software Engineer, Growth
  • Software Engineer, Growth (Front-End)
  • Software Engineer, Insights
  • Software Engineer, Tools
  • User Interface Engineer, Systems Management
  • Technical Program Coordinator
  • Technical Program Manager
  • Technology Lab Engineer
  • Developer Advocate

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