Facebook Hobbies and Interests Are Now Connected To Pages

This morning, you may have noticed when you logged in to Facebook that it asked you to update all your likes & interests and add them to ‘pages’. Facebook is unrolling their steps to create the semantic web this morning, and that starts by creating ‘pages’ for everyone’s lists of interests and hobbies. This ties people’s interests to real information and allows people to connect with other people that like their interests in an easier way. If you haven’t seen it yet, Facebook will be unrolling it soon in your area.

You can see how this works in the image below. I’ve had CCR listed on my favorite music section for years, and when I used to click on it it would present me with a list of pages related to the artist. This was completed by automatically doing a Facebook search for “CCR” when I clicked on the link. Now, when I click on CCR, I get this page:

We can see that the new page attempts to consolidate the information about CCR into a page, which includes a list of people that “like” the page. This is really great because it makes the ‘like’ idea the same no matter where you are. Whether you head to cnn.com and click “like” on an article, or say you “like” CCR in your interests, your basic function as a Facebooker is to have a series of “likes” around the web. It’s the basic currency of connection between users and media on the web. It’s a simplified starting point for the ‘semantic web’, and I imagine we’ll see more developments as time passes.

In the meantime, enjoy connecting with people easier on Facebook. It’s really simple now to head over the CCR page, for instance, post a message, and know that it can be seen by everyone on Facebook that likes CCR. Think of it as a meetingplace for any given interest. That’s a very powerful idea. The site also includes the Wikipedia page, and indicates that the page will soon be open for editing by Facebook users, like a wiki page, with the goal of making it a complete description as edited by the Facebook community.

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