Facebook Improves Tagging In Android App

Facebook continues to improve their smartphone apps and today they released an update to their Android app that has a significant number of user interface improvements. Perhaps the most noticable of the changes is when you update your status, previously you just typed a status update in a small field but now you get an entire screen for entering an update.

In the screen shot you see the change to the status update screen. You get an entire screen to write in and there are additional buttons along the bottom of the screen. From left to right, the first button is to tag friends to add to the update, next is the places button to add a location to your update, then there is the camera button adding a picture to the post, and finally is the audience button, which you can use to select with whom you want to share the update. Unless you have created groups, you will likely only see two audiences, Everyone and Friends.

Another very noticable change is how a person’s profile displays in the app. When you tap a friend’s name to open their profile you see their profile picture, employer, and education background surrounded by buttons to share a photo, write a post on their wall, write a message, or call that friend. Below the information I previously describe you then see that person’s wall posts.

When you view photos you can now swipe left and right to move between photos in an album, previously you tapped buttons that displayed on the left and right of the picture. Of course the Facebook app also supports the pinch and expand gestures to zoom in and out on a picture, and you can double tap on a picture to also zoom in on a picture.

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