Facebook begins highlighting most engaging posts in page admin panel

Facebook has begun highlighting most engaging posts in the page admin panel. Last updated in March, the page admin panel now marks highly engaged posts in yellow with a star where the post type (photo, link or text) is usually placed.

Facebook have also been notifying users when a post performs better than average, encouraging them to Promote to “get even better results.” It has also been highlighting the Promoted Posts product on page Timelines. The company seems to be making continued attempts to turn page owners into advertisers.

In addition to notifying users about higher performance for particular posts, it has also begun notifying users running Promoted Posts when their campaign’s budget has been exhausted. By notifying users of the end of their spending, Facebook looks to get advertisers to spend more on the promotion if the results have either surpassed or came in under expectations. For example, a page admin may want to continue promoting a post that has received substantial engagement, even after the initial budget has been spent. Consequently, a user may find it helpful to be notified of a disappointing promoted post and choose a different one instead.


Facebook seems to be moving toward the notifications feed as a way to get more page admins with less ad expertise to use Promoted Posts. As Facebook gets more aggressive in pushing paid features such as Promoted Posts, some page owners might find the notifications to be of an annoyance.