Facebook insights lag for some pages

Insights for a number of pages haven’t updated in days — a bug that Facebook has marked as as high priority.

According to a bug report filed on the Facebook Developers site Sunday, some page owners are only seeing insights data up until Feb. 12. Typically, page insights are two days behind. Facebook responded to the report with, “We are looking into this.” The company has not made mention of the problem on its pagesmarketing or “known issues” pages, and it has neglected its page about insights since June 2011.

[Update 2/25/12 5:41 p.m. – Pages now display a note apologizing for the delays and informing page owners that Facebook is working to fix the issue.]

Jeff Widman, co-founder of Facebook analytics platform PageLever, first informed us of the issue after creating WhyIsFacebookInsightsNotWorking.com to raise awareness about the bug affecting many businesses. Our own InsideFacebook.com page insights are stuck at Feb. 18.

Bugs are common on the platform — there are 73 open bugs tagged “insights” right now — but as more companies come to rely on Facebook, the social network will need to work to make its platform more reliable. It’s also worth noting that bugs are sometimes an indication that the company is making changes to a product. With a marketing conference in New York City at the end of the month, Facebook could be preparing to offer new insights features.

Page owners can follow the progress of the latest insights bug fix here.