Facebook introduces Reach Generator packaged advertising solution to boost page posts

At today’s fMC event in New York City, Facebook announced Reach Generator, a new premium advertising solution for large clients seeking to reach a higher percentage of fans via sponsored activity.

Reach Generator allows advertisers to pay Facebook on an ongoing basis, as opposed to a CPC or CPM basis, to sponsor one page post every day, and guarantee a 75 percent reach of the page’s fanbase over a month-long period. The company said that test partners, including Ben & Jerry’s, were able to reach 98 percent of their page’s fans using Reach Generator, a massive increase over the 16 percent of fans that Pages, on average, reach without ads or Sponsored Stories.

Reach Generator was outlined briefly on Facebook’s mobile site for the event, and then hidden from view. Below is the text from Facebook’s description of Reach Generator:

Make sure your fans see your stories

This “always on” packaged solution makes it easy for you to regularly reach and engage 75% of your fans with meaningful content from your Page. You focus on creating engaging content on your newly designed Page, while we ensure that your fans see the stories you are telling.

  • Reach Generator is easy and simple to use.
  • You post great, relevant content on your Page, and Facebook will automatically distribute it to your fans.
  • We guarantee you will reach a majority of your fans and see great results.

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