Facebook, Involver, And White House Partner On Memorial Day App

Facebook, Involver, and the White House, have partnered on an application to have users automatically have their status updates honor a fallen soldier. The application also includes a feature which guides users to change their profile photo to the one pictured on the right. It’s part of a promotion for Remember.gov, a White House-powered website which lists all of the fallen soldiers who were part of wars that America was involved in.

The application is meant as a way to honor all of the soldiers and serves as a reminder that we are still actively engaged in combat in other regions of the world. As MSNBC highlights, the drive for the application was driven by Joshua Ford, a White House intern who reached out to Facebook about creating a Memorial Day campaign.

Throughout the day, status updates will be posted which honor individual soldiers and the war that they fell in. Participating in the remembrance only requires the click of one button. Facebook and the White House are hoping that the application reaches millions of Facebook users. You can install the application here.