Facebook Is Changing Up the Goals Its Employees Must Meet for Their Bonuses

Mark Zuckerberg provided details at an internal all-hands meeting

The median annual salary at Facebook is $240,430 - Credit by AndreyPopov/iStock
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Full-time employees at Facebook do pretty well for themselves, to say the least—Jennifer Elias of Silicon Valley Business Journal reported last month that the median annual salary at the company is $240,430—but many will have to shift their focus in order to earn the optimum bonus.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg outlined the company’s new goals for 2019 during its fourth-quarter earnings call last week, and he addressed the change to its bonus criteria during an internal all-hands meeting Tuesday.

The four goals that will determine Facebook’s first-half-2019 bonus framework are:

  • Continue making progress on the major social issues facing the internet and Facebook.
  • Build new experiences that meaningfully improve people’s lives today and set the stage for even bigger improvements in the future.
  • Keep building the company’s business by supporting the millions of businesses—mostly small and midsized businesses—that rely on its services to grow and create jobs.
  • Communicate more transparently about what Facebook is doing and the role its services play in the world.

The previous criteria, in place since the first half of 2017, were:

  • Grow Facebook’s user base across all of its products.
  • Increase sharing, engagement and utility.
  • Continue to achieve revenue growth and significant savings from efficiency.
  • Improve product quality.
  • Improve Facebook’s brand.
  • Make progress toward the company’s long-term investments.

A Facebook spokesperson said, “Over the past two years, we’ve fundamentally changed how we run Facebook. This particular change is designed to ensure that we are incentivizing people to keep making progress on the major social issues facing the internet and our company.”

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