Facebook Is Helping Underrepresented and Female Students Learn Computer Science

The social network teamed up with Sphero Edu on CodeFWD

CodeFWD is designed for both English and Spanish speakers Facebook

Facebook teamed up with Sphero Edu to develop CodeFWD, a free online education program targeted toward underrepresented and female students from fourth to eighth grades who are interested in studying computer science.

CodeFWD is designed for both English and Spanish speakers.

Sphero Edu uses programmable application-enabled robots to teach students coding and other computer science topics.

Facebook education partnerships director Lauryn Ogbechie described CodeFWD’s three-step program in a Newsroom post:

  1. I do: educators learning. CodeFWD prepares educators to introduce the basics of computer programming to their students, even as they may be discovering the concepts themselves.
  2. We do: educators and students learn together. The next set of online activities is designed for educators to use to introduce students to computer programming.
  3. You do: students practice their new skills. During this last set of activities, educators are supporting their students as they take what they’ve learned and apply it to block-based coding exercises.

Educators who want to proceed further can apply to Sphero Edu for a free classroom set of programmable robots.

Ogbechie wrote “Educators and educational organizations are essential to expose more underrepresented and female students to computer programming and to create the next generation of diverse tech innovators. We hope CodeFWD by Facebook will help support educators and organizations as they introduce and inspire underrepresented students to study computer science.”

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.