‘Facebook’ is Leading the Top Free Android Apps List This Week

Facebook EngineersWe’re beginning to think that Android users can’t get enough of their Facebook app, which has been leading the top free app list for weeks, not to mention Facebook Messenger biting on the heels of the popular social app. If you also count Instagram, Facebook owns three out of the top four apps in the Android App store on most weeks. That’s quite impressive, unless you’re Pandora, who feels a bit of a black sheep…

Below, we’ve listed the top free Android apps of the week. The list links to Google Play’s research about the individual apps, including user reviews.

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Top Free Android Apps of the Week

1.  Facebook for Android

2. Pandora Internet Radio

3. Facebook Messenger

4. Instagram

5.  Clean Master (Cleaner)

6. Candy Crush Saga

7. Snapchat

8. Netflix

9.  Smash Hit

10. KiK Messenger