Facebook Is Opening Up CrowdTangle to the Academic and Research Communities

The social network acquired the content discovery and social analytics tool in November 2016

Content from over 5 million public social accounts is surfaced via CrowdTangle CrowdTangle
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Members of the academic and research communities may soon gain access to Facebook’s CrowdTangle content discovery and social analytics tool.

Facebook acquired CrowdTangle in November 2016.

Content from over 5 million public social accounts is surfaced via CrowdTangle, which uses real-time dashboards to track accounts, keywords, links and historical data and enables users to create custom reports and track topics across platforms.

The tool has been available mainly to newsrooms and media publishers, but CrowdTangle CEO Brandon Silverman said in a blog post that opening it up to researchers and academics will help provide more transparency into how information is spreading via social media.

Silverman added that more details will be revealed in the upcoming months for researchers and academics who are interested in gaining access to CrowdTangle. He also shared the following experiences with early partners in the program:

  • The University of California-Berkeley is using it to investigate the spread of misinformation in Myanmar and other countries.
  • Duke University measured the impact of Facebook groups in North Carolina during recent emergencies.
  • The University of Münster is tracking misinformation and elections integrity.
  • The Atlantic Council tracked claims of electronic voting fraud in Brazil.
  • Pew Research Center used it to track and research media trends.
  • The Institute for Strategic Dialogue used it to track the sources of misinformation and identify peaks in media coverage during recent elections in Sweden and Germany.
  • Social Science One— a conglomeration of researchers from around the world, led by Harvard University and Stanford University—is developing a way to scale out public data from CrowdTangle to over 80 researchers.

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