Facebook Is Sprucing Up Dynamic Ads and Collection Ads for the Holiday Shopping Season

There were more than 450 million views of Black Friday and related videos last Thanksgiving weekend

Overlays are being expanded to enable advertisers to build customizable creative templates for dynamic ads Facebook

Facebook announced several updates to its ad offerings to help brands ring in the holiday shopping season.

The social network said in a blog post that Black Friday and related videos tallied over 450 million views during the Thanksgiving shopping weekend last year.

Facebook introduced overlays for its dynamic ads last June, enabling brands to add information such as price and discount tags to their creative.

Overlays are being expanded to enable advertisers to build customizable creative templates for dynamic ads, with Facebook offering the following example: “If a retailer wants to create a Black Friday campaign with a product catalog, they can now create their own Black Friday overlay to more visually promote discounted products.”

Facebook said overlays for dynamic ads can be customized for any holiday throughout the calendar year, and it said two “major retailers” that tested its new decorative borders increased return on ad spend by 40 percent over a seven-day period in June.

The social network will also add holiday-specific templates and stickers to the video creation kit it introduced in July to help brands create mobile-first video ads without draining their budgets.

Finally, Facebook revealed two updates to its collection ads.

Brands can now direct potential customers from collection ads to the updated instant storefront template, which was previously known as the sell product template in Canvas (now instant Experience), where products from their catalogs can be organized into customized groupings such as “Suggested for You” and “Most Viewed.”

The social network said early tests of this update, conducted from April 1 through Aug. 22, yielded conversion rate increases as high as 9 percent.

And advertisers using the instant storefront template can now add videos that are automatically generated by Facebook and personalized with relevant products from those advertisers’ catalogs. Facebook said this update eases the process of creating videos and will ensure that people see ads that are relevant to them.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.