Facebook Issues Continue for Some

CNET updated its report from last week that several Facebook members were not able to access their accounts for days due to a database issue at the social-networking site, and the update wasn’t a good one.

CNET has received several emails from Facebook users who have been locked out of their accounts for as long as one week, and it reports that Facebook cited an “extended maintenance issue,” without providing further details.

Some of the emails received by CNET:

This is now seven days and counting. It’s beyond ridiculous and extremely frustrating.

The experience completely reversed the Facebook opinion and experience for me. I see many people bitch and complain, many more beg and a few threaten. To me, the route to take is fairly obvious. Mark Zuckerberg on his own page invites democratic input from Facebook users in one of his most recent videos. Given that statement especially, I find the way their user base is being treated with respect to their disabled account policy hypocritical at best.

My account has now been held hostage for a week. Some of my friends think that I have deleted (my profile) or even blocked them…None of my friends or family can see my profile or even find it in search. It’s as if I simply deleted my account or blocked all of them from seeing it without even a word.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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