Facebook Just Downgraded 3 Types of Spammy Posts

Continues purge of low-quality content

Facebook, in its constant News Feed vigilance, is now going after spam with its latest edict telling page administrators to end shady posting tactics just to expand their reach. This is yet another tweak in a series of changes to the system to purge low-quality content.


The organic reach question has been top of mind for advertisers, brands and businesses, which have found their posts sent to fewer and fewer fans. Facebook is pushing marketers to either share higher-quality posts or pay to promote poor ones. Facebook said today's changes could result in some brands seeing a "very small increase in News Feed distribution."

Facebook said it is going after three main areas to ensure only the most relevant content shows in the News Feed, as the social network likes to say.

1 Quit like-baiting or you will be penalized. These are posts that explicitly beg users to like, share and comment, but Facebook says the change won't affect pages "genuinely trying to encourage discussion."

2 Frequently circulated content—the same videos and photos—will be weeded out so users could stop seeing the same story over and over from different sources.

3 Spammy links are a target—ones that entice clicks but don't deliver as promised. Facebook says some posts encourage clicks by tricking people and sending them to a "website that contains only ads or a combination of frequently circulated content and ads." Facebook said it discovers these spammy links by measuring how often users click on them but don't wind up liking or sharing them.

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