Facebook Launches New Profile Feature “Timeline” For Showing All Your Important Content on One Page

Today at f8, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new profile feature called “Timeline” that lets a user’s friends see their most important content from their entire time on Facebook. Available on both the web and mobile versions of the site, Timeline can be filtered to show just recent content, content from the last year, or from multiple years all on one page. Users can set a big banner image to appear at the top of their Timeline, and expand or remove panels of content they want to feature or hide.

Users will also be able to use apps to generate “Reports” of specific types of content such as all the meals they’ve cooked. There are also new types of updates users can publish specifically for major life events such as getting a new pet, starting a relationship, or moving to a new city. Timeline will make the profile a much more engaging place and likely increase the amount of time users spend there.

Facebook will automatically choose content to show in Timeline based on Likes, comments, and other signals. To edit the Timeline, users can scroll through see hidden updates or look through a private activity log. They can then choose to make certain updates visible to friends in the Timeline.

To allow users to add media and lifestyle content to the Timeline and also the home page Ticker, a new class of Open Graph apps is also being launched. Users will grant permissions to the apps and they will then automatically publish activity to the Timeline and Ticker. Zuckerberg calls this a “frictionless experience”, as users don’t have to constantly fill out sharing prompts.

The Timeline also features tabs for music, video, and other content types. Here users can view a collection of all the content of a certain type that a friend has consumed. The music tab will show all the songs a user has listened to and playlists they’ve published, while the video tab will show a user’s most watched film and their recently watched TV show episodes.

Timeline will rollout over the next few weeks.  Users who want to learn more about Timeline and get it on their profile as soon as it’s released can sign up on the new Timeline about page.