Facebook Lists More Ads API Tools Vendors

More and more advertisers are finding they can get a good return on investment from Facebook’s performance ad service. Meanwhile, the company has been giving certain developers access to the beta version of its Ads API that lets third parties provide features like bulk uploading and real-time bidding adjustments on Facebook within their own tools.

Specialized tools are a must because Facebook wants to make performance ads a bigger part of its business, because the people with the most money to spend need to carefully optimize their ad campaigns to get the results they want. So now, Facebook’s developer wiki is listing some of the companies using the API, including:

Alchemy (spun off from Techlightenment)
Omniture (part of Adobe)
TBG (maker of the ONE Media Manager ad tool)

The API has been available since last year, and we’ve covered some of the companies testing it. Two others using the API are not listed by Facebook: 77Agency and Tradimax.

The capability the API provides has been proving popular with a range of performance-driven businesses, including social game developers and local businesses. Google has successfully developed a large system of third party companies that provide specialized services to performance advertisers who use AdWords and AdSense.

Think of this as the start of something similar. We estimate that performance advertising was the single largest contributor to Facebook’s revenue, bringing in approximately half of the $600 million to $700 million that sources have told us the company made in 2009. This revenue stream did so well over the past year that Facebook prematurely ended an advertising deal with strategic investor Microsoft, where the latter company ran less lucrative banner ads in the same inventory space in many parts of the world

For Ads API companies interested in getting on the list, here’s the blurb from the wiki:

In order to give you more options for how to manage your Facebook Ads spend, this page lists third-party tools that you can use alongside or in place of the Facebook Ads Manager available at http://www.facebook.com/ads/manage. Each tool offers different capabilities, and we recommend you look through the available options to find the tool that’s best for you.

Each tool is built on the Facebook Ads API, which is currently in limited beta. If you’re interested in participating in the beta test, please contact your Facebook Advertising Account Manager. If you don’t have a Facebook Advertising Account Manager yet, you can request support.

If you’ve created a tool that you’re licensing directly to Facebook advertisers which should be in this list, please let us know by writing into our technical support alias at ads-api-bugs@publists.facebook.com.

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