Facebook Lite Now Available In Over 70 Languages

Yesterday Facebook released the lite version of their site in all of the languages currently available through the Translations application. Given that the company supposedly released this version of the site to target those individuals with slower internet access, it only makes sense that they roll out all the remaining languages as quickly as possible. However the existing design and the Facebook Lite version appear to be merging together as one.

Earlier this morning I wrote about Facebook’s latest design changes that are about to be rolled out. Not surprisingly it looks just like Facebook Lite. The primary difference between the two designs now is that the primary version of Facebook uses friend list filters within the stream. It only makes one wonder more about whether or not Facebook plans on moving the existing design further in the direction of Facebook Lite.

As one Facebook executive told me, “we’re trying to simplify the site”. Given that Mark Zuckerberg has also repeatedly stated that the Future of Facebook is off of the site, it only makes sense that the design is headed in such a direction. For now, Facebook needs to be accessible in as many locations as possible, and Facebook Lite assists with making the site more accessible.

However in the long-run, the site could theoretically merge with Facebook Lite, once all the company’s data is available to developers and robust tools have been built on top of the platform. For now, Facebook continues to expand Facebook Lite to other languages and expand the functionality of the service. We’ll have to wait and see if the two sites eventually become one. Do you use Facebook Lite? Which version do you prefer?

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