Facebook looks to improve stockholder relations with live webcast

Facebook has announced that it will be holding its first annual stockholder meeting on June 11th. The meeting, taking place at the Westin San Francisco Airport, will welcome shareholders that have purchased stock before April 16, on a first-come, first-served basis. The meeting will also be broadcast via webcast to anybody that might want to sit-in the meeting.

In attempts to improve communication with investors, the company has also been providing more content to its Facebook Investor Relations page, which was first created back in February 2012. The page currently has only 443 likes, but looks to see this number grow with increased awareness.

The first point to the meeting’s agenda is the election of Facebook’s board of directors. The letter to the shareholders asked for investors to reelect all existing board members with the exception of Jim Breyer who announced he would step down back in April.

The stockholder meeting will mark the end of the first year since company’s IPO. As share price continues to slide, down to $23.52 from $38 intial public offering, it has become increasingly important for Facebook to communicate their progress on improving the business and what steps it is taking to improving its stock price..

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