Facebook Makes A Push To Register UK Voters

In the runup to the April 20 voter registration deadline, Facebook is helping to get U.K. voters registered. Via the Democracy UK Page, there is a tab with an application that enables voters to register directly from Facebook. The new page, which was built in cooperation with the Electoral Commission and Techlightenment (a UK-based social media agency), still requires users to print and mail in their registration form.

So far the Facebook Page has attracted over 16,000 users, but my guess is that there is some form of promotion taking place to drive users to the Page to spread awareness. Facebook made a significant push for registering voters during the U.S. Presidential elections and this is a continued non-partisan effort to drive more voters to the polls.

At this point the promotion has 11 more days to get users to register before the April 20th deadline. Richard Allan, director of policy at Facebook, told the BBC, “One of the strengths we have is to try and capture that group, particularly the 18-24 year-old voters, who have often not turned out to vote, and use the fact that many of the things on Facebook are familiar to them to get them engaged.”

While it will be difficult to determine how many people actually mail the form in, the company will be able to count the number of users who filled out their information on the voter registration application before the deadline. Any number of new registrations is always better than none, and with more than 16,000 fans, there’s a good chance that a decent number of users have already been registered.