Facebook makes it easier for advertisers to run ads on feature phones only

Facebook has updated the Power Editor and Ads API to give advertisers a new placement option: “feature phones only.”

Feature phones, like smartphones, have had ads in News Feed for the past year. These include Sponsored Stories, Page Post Ads and the “Pages You May Like” module. All News Feed ad types except mobile app install ads and offers can appear on feature phones. However, it used to be more difficult to create a campaign that only reached feature phone users while they are on their phones.

Now, “feature phones only” is a clear option in the “creative and placements” section of Power Editor, seen below, as well as in the Ads API. Ads that use this targeting will only be delivered to users when they browse News Feed from a feature phone.

Previously, advertisers could select mobile placement instead of desktop and then designate iOS or Android devices. Feature phones weren’t an option here. To reach those feature phone users, advertisers had to use the broad category targeting option from the audience selector, which wasn’t as intuitive. It also didn’t guarantee that current feature phone users were seeing the ad because the broad category includes users who might have previously owned and accessed Facebook from a feature phone.

Today’s change, which we’ve already seen live in Power Editor, could make advertisers more aware of their options for reaching feature phone users, a particularly large demographic in Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. It’s also a key audience to reach with advertisements for services specific to feature phones or for new devices these users might be in the market for. This placement option can be combined with other location, demographic and interest-based targeting.

Advertisers who use this placement, however, should think about the amount of text and image size they use in order to optimize for smaller, less powerful screens. It’s also not ideal to send feature phone users to another site because the site might not render properly or users might be concerned about data usage. Feature phone ads should probably keep users within the Facebook environment, whether it’s a page or page post.